Andie Jewett, VP Business Development, AMP Agency

I worked with Danielle at MITX, a regional membership association for technology and digital professionals, where she single-handedly planned and executed all of our events from intimate breakfast talks to 3-day 1000+ attendee conferences. Her level of professionalism and autonomous work ethic is incredibly impressive- our company 100% depended on her managing our events from start to finish. Her knowledge of the events space and resourcefulness allowed us to host successful events while staying on a very tight budget. With her contributions, MITX saw its most profitable years in history.

Maureen Curreri-Collier, Owner, Boston Balloon Events

I’ve worked with Danielle for many years. She has always been more than amazing with managing events…..with a strong attention to details, logistics, timing, etc. Anyone  who hires her will be getting a gem!


Mark Ufland, Owner, Memories in an Instant

“We've worked with Danielle on a bunch of  events over the past 5 years.  She is one of the most complete planners and amazing people that we know.  She would be an asset to any company”


Vince Valvo, CEO

American Business Media

Focused on achievement, Danielle always gives her best. She moves the market with her efforts.


George Merrill, Regional Sales Director, AI Foundry

I have had the great pleasure to work with Danielle over the past few years at dozens of high visibility industry events.  As a Regional Sales Director, I have been particularly impressed with the professionalism displayed while working side by side at these events. Danielle has a tremendous work ethic and the events she manages are always well organized and thoughtful. She cares deeply about her customers, colleagues, and all of the relationships she builds. Danielle is a self-starter, highly dependable, and is certain to create success wherever she is. She exhibits great energy and focus with everything she does. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again, and I know that any organization would be fortunate to have her on their team!


Amy Quigley,

President, MITX

It’s rare to come across someone as passionate about their job as Danielle. I had the pleasure of hiring and working with Danielle for three years at MITX, where she ran all of our events. She researched and developed strong working relationships with all of our partners and was always two steps ahead of our needs. She approached any event hiccup with grace and a solution. Any organization would be lucky to have Danielle on their team!


Katharine Panessidi, Director, Women in Leadership Events, Linkage

Danielle is an exceptional event professional. She is passionate about her work and is driven to succeed. As her former manager, I saw Danielle work well both individually and on a team. She led our event operations with enthusiasm, creativity, and an eye for detail.  She also was quick on her feet and a great problem solver. Danielle was always willing to wear different hats and pitch in wherever needed, to help the organization succeed.  


Shannon O'Brien, Founder/Advisor, Whole U.

Knowing Danielle's expertise in event planning, I asked her to help me think through my strategy as I planned to host my first educational webinar for Whole U. alumni.  Danielle sent me a series of key questions to consider, encouraging me to think about logistics (like technology, promotion, flow and follow up) . . . and also helped me think deeper about an attendee’s experience… (what their top takeaways, calls to action, and engagement points would be). I felt an enhanced sense of confidence as we ran the event, and it was well-attended, and more importantly, VERY well-received by attendees! I will keep Danielle’s framework in mind as I go forward in planning my future webinars for clients and alumni. Thank you Danielle!


Emily Cummings, VP Sales,

Axis Promotions

Working with Danielle has always been an incredible experience. She's extremely detail-oriented, creative, attentive, and upbeat. In addition to her extremely positive personality, her ability to stay ahead and on top of timelines makes her extremely easy & enjoyable to work with. I truly look forward to working with many more successful projects and events with Danielle.


Danielle is exceptional at managing all aspects of sales and marketing events. Events she leads are well organized, productive, and profitable. She would be an excellent addition to any marketing organization and I highly recommend her.

Bob Benton, Sr. Solution Engineer, FortressIQ

Clark Brett, Managing Director, Customer Support Asia

Danielle is the consummate marketing professional, having made a huge impact on the market visibility and reach of AI Foundry during the time that we worked together. Within a few weeks of her arrival, Danielle brought order and structure to the company's national events. Those of us who attended the conferences that she managed found that they were unfailingly well-organized and efficient, optimizing our time and bringing tangible revenue value to the firm. Danielle demonstrated a very strong grasp of the entire sales cycle and every discipline of marketing and sales engagement. I suspect that the company probably under-utilized her talents, which will be invaluable to any firm in the software/tech industry.